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204Re: Initial _ly-_ and enclitics

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  • gentlebeldin
    Aug 14 3:12 PM
      --- In lambengolmor@y..., "Petri Tikka" <kari.j.tikka@w...> wrote:

      > The first reaction to the word _lyenna_ would be that initial
      > palatalized Ls would be allowed in Quenya. But I am not quite sure. It
      > may be that it is an enclitic of _elyenna_, the initial vowel
      > disappearing because of the final vowel in the preceding word.

      Petri, you'll remember I didn't share this opinion. But I have to take
      into consideration new (for me!) material, and now I think you are
      right. In XI:363 (it's the Harper Collins paperback) we read about the
      "de/le as pronominal elements in the 2nd person". This explains the
      Sindarin pronoun _dîn_, btw.

      We also read "dj became ly medially in Quenya". I don't think the
      "medially" was stressed without any need: Initial dj (or DY in the
      Etymologies) did NOT change into _ly_! (cf. V:394, DYEL-, Q _yelma_)
      Since the word _lyenna_ obviously is pronominal 2nd person, the
      _dj_>_ly_ must have been medial, after some elided vowel, indeed.

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