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20Elision and _ly-_ (was Re: Elision and _'n_)

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  • Pavel Iosad
    May 30 1:48 PM
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      Petri Tikka wrote:

      >There is another attested example of elision between E and I:
      >_ír' Anarinya queluva_ (V:72).

      All right, you got me here. Objection withdrawn, at least partly.

      Note though - the elided vowel happens to be the first one.

      >I know that one may then wonder
      >why it isn't _*nai elen siluv' elyenna_, but since we have so few
      >examples of elisions, why couldn't it happen the othe way around?

      I do not find this a sound argument. Of course, absence of evidence
      is not evidence of absence, but neither can absence of evidence be
      taken as evdience of presence.

      >Both syllables are unstressed, so elision is equally possible in both
      >of them.

      You seem to have missed my point about the structural importance of the
      prefixed vowel. The emphatic pronoun without the prefixed _sundóma_ is
      a mere suffix. That is why I guess it (the _sundóma) won't in all
      probability be elided.

      Also, since you argue that _ly_ is an impermissible initial, I am yet
      to hear a justification :-) I cannot understand how _ly_ differs from

      Pavel Iosad pavel_iosad@...

      'I am a philologist, and thus a misunderstood man'
      --JRR Tolkien, _The Notion Club Papers_
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