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199Re: Past/perfect in Eldarin

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  • gentlebeldin
    Aug 9, 2002
      --- In lambengolmor@y..., "pa2rick" <pwynne@g...> wrote:

      > This is not meant as a specific rebuttal or rejoinder to the points
      > raised in Hans's post -- but it is worth reiterating at the commencement
      > of this thread that _Tolkien's_ own grammatical terminology as applied
      > to Elvish is the only terminology that truly matters.

      That's true, and I didn't understand it as a rebuke, since my comments
      were aimed at the terminology used for ENGLISH participles like "seen"
      or "killed" on the Ardalambion website.

      > Studying his use of terms such as "past participle", "past tense",
      > "perfect tense" etc. undoubtedly has much to teach us.

      I'm looking forward to read _Quendi and Eldar_, finally. I've ordered
      both WJ and SD through Amazon.

      I plan to post a few more thoughts about Elvish participles only after
      that: I don't trust the information I found at Ardalambion. Most forms
      are just reconstructed (and the really attested forms are not marked,
      let alone given references), so I have to check the original sources,

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