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188Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: _úcarindor_

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Aug 7, 2002
      On 8/7/02 3:47 AM, "Fredrik" <gwaihir@...> wrote:

      > However, I do not think it reasonable to support the hypothesis that there
      > is an aorist form present in _i úcarer emmen_ by turning the postcard
      > upside down and pointing out that Tolkien's marks could be interpreted as
      > an _i_.

      That would indeed be unreasonable. But if you mean to imply that that is how
      the interpretation of the marks Tolkien made against _úcarer_ was arrived
      out, you are utterly mistaken. Tolkien very often did not dot his "i"s, if
      writing with any haste or notationally (as here); and what you see as an
      underposed dot can easily be seen as underlining for emphasis or even by way
      of querying (another very common practice).

      The fact remains that, semantically and syntactically, an aorist verb is by
      far the expected form. The fact also remains that Tolkien did either remark
      upon (if your reading of the mark is correct) or consider changing (if it is
      an "i") the form. Together, these facts far more strongly suggest that
      Tolkien at least considered changing _úcarer_ to *_úcarir_, than they do a
      past-tense (or any other) interpretation.

      I should note as a tangent that it is not an editor/analyst's obligation to
      present every _possible_ interpretation or explanation. We often must select
      and present only those that seem likeliest to us. Our obligation is only to
      avoid misleading our readers into thinking certain what is only tentative.
      Hence Pat's use of the word "suggests" when presenting the aorist


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