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173Root *STIR-

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  • pa2rick
    Jul 31, 2002
      In post #162 Hans wrote:

      > A hypothetical
      > root *STIR ("brow"?) as an explanation for the attested names
      > _Elestirne_ ("star-brow") and _Carnistir_ ("ruddy face"?) was
      > discussed in the Tolklang messages 12.65 and 20.41. The latter became
      > _Caranthir_ in Sindarin, as was to be expected.

      Some additional evidence:

      In Carl Hostetter's presentation of linguistic notes excluded from
      "The Shibboleth of Feanor" as published in _The Peoples of
      Middle-earth_ (VT41:7-10), there is a group of notes on the
      "Sindarizing" of the names of the sons of Feanor. These notes
      include the following etymology of S. _Caranthir_:

      "[In] Sindarin _carani-_ > _caran_ + _thîr_ face (< _stîrê_)
      [?substituted] for Q. _car'ni-stîr(e)_. So _Caranthir_. [Marginal
      note: _Carastir_?]"

      -- Patrick Wynne
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