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17Re: Elision and _'n_

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  • Pavel Iosad
    May 30 12:55 PM
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      Terry Dock wrote:

      >> I disagree. Elision in Quenya only seems to appear in the cases of two
      >> identical vowels near the word border.[...]
      >Well, maybe not. Let's consider the following sentence: _Utúlie'n aurë! Aiya
      >Eldalië ar Atanatári, utúlie'n aurë!_ (S:229)

      >If Ales is right, then _Utúlie'n aurë!_ would be an example of an elision
      >occuring between unidentical vowels; in this case E and I.

      This is possible, however, I would still hold that elision in _siluv(a)
      (e)lye_ would not be possible. It is not unlikely that elision can happen
      in the case of non-identical vowels if they are, say, both front or both
      back and so the elision is in effect a case of assimilation. That would
      possibly account for the elision in the cited phrase, but would still
      invalidate any possibility of elision in the example at hand.

      >The example cited above, whether Ales is right or not, seems to indicate the
      >elision can happen on the second vowel: _Utúlie'n aurë!_ Unless the
      >explanation for this _'n_ is entirely different of course.

      Fair point.

      Pavel Iosad pavel_iosad@...

      'I am a philologist, and thus a misunderstood man'
      --JRR Tolkien, _The Notion Club Papers_
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