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  • Ales Bican
    Jul 30, 2002
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      I wrote:

      > **Oh, I have not read the letter, since I was not a member of
      > this group then. And due to the same problems with getting
      > online, I have not read it even on the web. Anyway, I am a
      > horrible kind, I have never gotten used to the VT conventions
      > of abbreviating particular HoMe volumes. I always have to
      > think a while to realize which volume is meant by the Roman
      > number XI, while I can always tell at once that WJ stands for
      > _The War of the Jewels_. Sorry.

      Patrick Wynne replied:

      > As for the VT
      > conventions in bibliographical citations from the HoMe series,
      > please use them -- they don't take long to get used to (I speak
      > from experience), and adherence to a standard of reference is
      > to the ultimate benefit of all serious Tolkienian scholars. This is
      > a _request_, not an ultimatum, and failure to use the VT conventions
      > will not result in posts being rejected! However, it might result
      > in further reminders. ;-)

      **I am glad it is not demanded, since I am afraid I will not get
      used to it. In one letter you referred to the volume VI and I still
      cannot tell which volume it is. Horrible me.
      I agree that a standard of reference may be useful. However,
      as far as I can see, the WJ type of referring to _The War of
      the Jewels_ is used everywhere but for VTs and PEs, or in
      other words, the XI type of referring to _The War of the Jewels_
      is used only in VTs and PEs, while the WJ type is used on
      Ardalambion (a place where majority of people go) and other
      web sites, in Ryszard Derdzinski's Sindarin dictionary, in Didier
      Willis' Sindarin dictionary, in _Tyalie Tyelelliéva_ and above
      all it used by many people in their emails.
      I wonder whether it would not be better if this standard of
      reference was used by everyone in order to avoid misunderstandings.

      Ales Bican

      Mi dissero che e quell'epoca per quindici giorni e quindici notti
      i retori Gabundus e Terentius discussero sul vocativo di _ego_,
      e infine vennero alle armi. (Umberto Eco, _Il nome della rosa_)

      [Ales, you're obviously an extremely intelligent person, and I
      sincerely doubt that learning to write "XI" instead of "WJ" is
      going to outstrip your intellectual capacities! Of course you
      won't get used to the VT form of citation if you don't make any
      attempt to use it. And how much effort does it take to glance
      over at your bookshelf to see that vol. VI of _HoMe_ is "The
      Return of the Shadow"? Not much. The whole point of this
      group is to combat the intellectual laziness rampant on Elfling
      and elswhere on the web.

      Christopher Tolkien refers to the various volumes in _HoMe_
      by their roman numerals, and given that both _Parma_ and VT
      are now primarily concerned with the presentation of primary
      material, it is appropriate that Christopher Tolkien's practice
      should provide the standard form of reference for these
      journals and for other serious scholars. As for Ardalambion
      being "a place where majority of people go", that's fine, but
      you can also be sure that a large proportion of the people who
      go to Ardalambion are not engaged in serious Tolkienian

      -- Patrick Wynne]