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151Re: [Lambengolmor] -Vndo

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  • Ales Bican
    Jul 26, 2002
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      David Kiltz wrote:

      [the beginning snipped]

      > In short, I would suggest that _Vndo_ is a
      > "personalized" form of a participle past active that should end in *_Vnda_.

      **Your interpretation is interesting. However, I always treated _ndo_
      like a strengtened form of _-no_ (e.g. in _tirno_ "watcher", TIR).
      This _-no_ seems to be related to _-on_ (from _-nd_, cf. _Sauron_ being
      from older _Thaurond-_, see Letter #297).
      A similar strengtening was already quoted by Fredrik: Tolkien wrote in
      WJ: "Other forms of this suffix [_-ro_] were _-rĂ´_ added to stem, with
      or without _n_-infixion; and _-rdo_ > _rd_." (371). The suffix _rdo_
      would then be the strengtened form.

      By the way, it is known that _-nde_ is a feminine counterpart of _-ndo_
      (see _Therinde_, PM:333). It is also known that there is _-re_ being a
      counterpart of _-ro_. Furthermore, there is _-me_ being a counterpart
      of _-mo_, and _-e_ of _-o_. But what about _-ne_, which could be a
      counterpart of _-no_, does it exist? I am not aware of it; as far as I
      can remember there is _-nne_ in _ravenne_ "she-lion" (QL:79R). And
      what about _-en_ as a countepart of _-on_? Could it occur in _yen_
      "daughter"? Note that it has a variant _yende_ and that their
      masculine counterparts are _yon_ (resp. _-ion_) and _yondo_ (see YON
      in Etym).

      > Now, I'm not aware of any published material that explicitly notes such an
      > interpretation. Indeed, it isn't even sure such a participle featured (at
      > any given time) in J.R.R.Tolkien's concept of Quenya.

      **I can only think of _talanda_ "burdened, weighed down, sad" (QL:88R)
      but it seems to be an adjective derived from _talan_ "burden" (ibid.).

      [the rest snipped]

      Ales Bican

      ps. Patrick Wynne wrote in another message:

      > [N.B. -- Please give post numbers when citing previous discussions.

      **Sorry for rather an off-topic responce but I just wanted to ask.
      I have always wondered how people are able to provide numbers of
      particular messages. Well, I know that if I connect to, say, the
      _lambengolmor_ page on groups.yahoo.com, I will get the number.
      However, it means I must get online and get through innumerable
      advertiments on yahoo.com. Getting online is expensive for me, so
      I will be not able to provide post numbers. If this means I will
      be not allowed to post to this group, then I will have to become
      a reader only. But perhaps there is other way to get the post
      number I am not aware of. Please, let me know.

      > Also, remember that page citations are to be given using the
      > conventions employed in VT, i.e., WJ:371 should be given as
      > XI:371. For a list of the proper bibliographic abbreviations, see
      > post 3. -- Patrick Wynne]

      **Oh, I have not read the letter, since I was not a member of
      this group then. And due to the same problems with getting
      online, I have not read it even on the web. Anyway, I am a
      horrible kind, I have never gotten used to the VT conventions
      of abbreviating particular HoMe volumes. I always have to
      think a while to realize which volume is meant by the Roman
      number XI, while I can always tell at once that WJ stands for
      _The War of the Jewels_. Sorry.

      Mi dissero che e quell'epoca per quindici giorni e quindici notti
      i retori Gabundus e Terentius discussero sul vocativo di _ego_,
      e infine vennero alle armi. (Umberto Eco, _Il nome della rosa_)

      [When I added the reminder about including post numbers, I was
      unaware that Carl had decided to abandon this stipulation, for
      precisely the reason you mention: there is no convenient way to
      determine post numbers other than to go to groups.yahoo.com and
      access the message in question from the archives, and not
      everybody has easy (or cheap) Internet access. So let it be
      hereby noted that post numbers are _not_ required. As for the VT
      conventions in bibliographical citations from the HoMe series,
      please use them -- they don't take long to get used to (I speak
      from experience), and adherence to a standard of reference is
      to the ultimate benefit of all serious Tolkienian scholars. This is
      a _request_, not an ultimatum, and failure to use the VT conventions
      will not result in posts being rejected! However, it might result
      in further reminders. ;-) -- Patrick]
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