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149Re: [Lambengolmor] Re: [LDB] "Canonical" Quenya and Quettahostanie

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  • Kai MacTane
    Jul 26, 2002
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      At 7/25/02 10:07 AM , John Garth wrote:

      >That is why, as an initial stage (which would itself take a very long time),
      >no such analysis or forms ought to be included in a Tolkienian linguistic
      >database. Surely the best methodology is to gather as much data as possible
      >before extrapolating from it.

      It's certainly possible for us to simply start loading attested Tolkienian
      forms into QH as it stands, and not bother with compounded/coined
      (post-Tolkienian) material until later (if at all). Just because the
      capability is there doesn't mean we have to use it immediately. However:

      >Anyone so inclined could provide analysis and extrapolation elsewhere. That
      >way, you would have the most reliable catalogue of the Tolkienian languages
      >possible; and elsewhere you would have commentaries plainly distinguishable
      >from it, whose authors could take responsibility for their own work.

      There is a certain level of utility in having things centralized, and hence
      easily searchable through one interface. Granted, this is of no particular
      use for the academic community. But for the Quenya-composition folks, it
      would be nice to be able to search for attested Tolkienian words *and*
      newer coinages all at once. (Also note that QH will display Tolkien's forms
      higher up in the results than the non-Tolkien forms, all other things being
      equal -- for more details, see the guide to search results in the
      documentation. Essentially, it depends on just what the user enters as
      search terms, but attestation level is the second-level sort criterion.)

      >The process of creating a thesaurus, which _Quettahostanie_ appears
      >encompass, seems to me quite alien to the aims of a linguistic catalogue,
      >and should also be kept separate.

      I'm a bit confused by how QH acts as a thesaurus -- do you mean the listing
      of synonyms? I had actually intended that to be a bit more of a research
      tool; there are places where it can be useful to compare and contrast
      different words that refer to similar or identical things.

      --Kai MacTane
      "Wind in wings,/Two angels falling
      To die like this/With a last kiss..."
      --Siouxsie and the
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