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137Re: [LDB] Analysis of _Elen Síla..._

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  • Fredrik
    Jul 25, 2002
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      Are we talking about a lexical database, or an annotated corpus, or what?
      I'm not sure that we need or want to encode the syntactical structure of
      sentences or clauses in a database, since they are not given things. In
      many cases the structural analyses are precisely what we're after: Tolkien
      did not provide them. There are bound to be disagreements on how to parse a
      certain sentence; often, two or more analyses are equally possible. Whose
      analysis should be in the database? I think that the best tool in this case
      would be one that helps us find all the data we need, telling us exactly
      where in the texts they are, and where any other (possible) occurrences of
      the word/ morpheme are, so that we can go there and see for ourselves.


      [I just want to voice my strong agreement with what Fredrik has said
      here. Simply recording the occurrence of every "foreign language"
      element in Tolkien's writings will be an enormous undertaking. If
      analysis is to be incorporated into such a compilation at all, it is
      best left until after the compilation is complete. Having the compilation
      alone, if fully and properly indexed to the corpus, will be enormously
      useful. So long as the database is designed with extensibility and
      expansion in mind, analytical information can always be added later. Carl]
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