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  • Fredrik
    Jul 25, 2002
      >As for _Pallando_ (one of the two _Ithryn Luin_ 'Blue Wizards', UT:394), I
      >have always assumed this name to consist of _pal(an)_ 'far, distant, wide,
      >to a great extent' (V:380 s.v. PAL-) + _landa_ 'wide' (V:367 s.v. LAD-) +
      >masc. suffix _-o_, meaning *'He who travels far and wide', so called
      >because he (with his companion Alatar) passed into the East and did not

      Your interpretation does not seem to contain any verbal element. Therefore,
      for it to imply 'he who TRAVELS far and wide' (rather than, say, *'he who
      TALKS far and wide'), it seems to rely rather heavily on the English idiom
      "far and wide". Incidentally, in Swedish, "prata vitt och brett om..."
      means something like "speak at a great length about..." ("vitt och brett"
      being a fairly close parallel to "far and wide").

      Pallando may have wandered far from the westlands, but does that mean that
      he travelled a lot? The expression "far and wide" points to movement along
      two axes -- and that's where the implication of "travelling" through wide
      areas comes in, isn't it? -- but perhaps Pallando went straight to some
      place in the far East and stayed there? In short, I don't think that the
      'wide' element fits in very well.

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