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130Re: [LDB] "Canonical" Quenya and Quettahostanie

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  • eluchil404
    Jul 24, 2002
      Carl Hostetter wrote:

      > [As will come as a surprise to no one, I vehemently oppose any notion of
      > allowing non-Tolkienian coinages into any serious database of Tolkien's
      > languages. Things have gotten confused enough already, with rampant
      > failure to distinguish data and fact from theory and invention. Carl]

      As long as they are clearly marked as newly coined words, I think it is a
      limited concern. Indeed, with the current design of the 'database', it is
      possible to ignore all such forms completely. Whether such coinages should
      be considered Quenya at all, is a thorny theoretical problem that I do not
      wish to delve into. Suffice it to say that a dictionary, which is what
      this database certainly looks like to me, designed for a wide variety of
      both scholarly and non-scholarly uses can, in my opinion, fairly include
      them as long as they are clearly marked out.

      Cirk R. Bejnar

      [See my comments appended to Bill Welden's post, just approved. If
      inauthentic forms are permitted at all, then you simply cannot avoid
      the "thorny theoretical problem" of "whether such coinages should be
      considered Quenya", unless you want to allow anyone to add anything
      they please to the database (and are prepared to trust that they will
      mark inauthentic forms as such). Carl]
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