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124[LDB] Elements or phrases?

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  • Boris Shapiro
    Jul 24, 2002

      Wednesday, July 24, 2002, 12:27:58 AM, Kai MacTane wrote:

      First, I have to say that I didn't have the possibility of seeing QH
      by myself, so I'll rely on your answers and patience :)

      >> So, about LDB [linguistic databases]. I suppose we all want to make
      >> clear what features do we want it to possess. Probably the best way
      >> to do it is to analyze a Quenya phrase providing all the linguistic
      >> information we need this database to store.
      KM> As you've probably noticed in Quettahostanie (QH), my approach is to store
      KM> individual elements in the database rather than entire phrases.

      Does it make sense? But the question should be what do you regard as
      an individual element and are they stored absolutely independently of
      their context?

      I suppose I lack proper vocabulary and knowledge in programming, but
      in my view the desired LDB [linguistic database] (or should we call it
      _ELDA_ for "Elvish Linguistic DAtabase"? :) should be object-oriented,
      and have a nested structure so that there are multiple levels of
      objects like a nested doll. In my view an object is a linguistically
      important element in of a given text stored in LDB which possesses the
      required linguistic description. But there are different types of
      objects: two words could be two individual lexical objects, but at the
      same time they could be a sole syntactical object! And a sentence
      could itself be a clause, a part of a complex sentense, thus being a
      syntactical object, too! And all these objects viewed on different
      levels should possess different descriptions.

      I'd like to know how does your QH deal with such information

      KM> Of course, the structure of QH already encodes some of my ideas
      KM> about what's important to track and what's not -- I spent some
      KM> time ruminating about the database architecture before
      KM> implementing it, thinking to myself "It would be good if it kept
      KM> track of *this*... oh, and *that* would be useful, too."

      I know that the problem of creating an optimized DB is how to design
      an optimized architecture before the actual programming. That's why I
      regard the proposed analysis (intending to make out the desired
      structure of the linguistic data to be included in ELDA) to be of
      great importance.

      Namaarie! S.Y., Elenhil Laiquendo

      : raavannar vantar ยท tuile loctuva : i yulma carne miru quanta peltuvar :
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