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  • pa2rick
    Jul 24, 2002
      --- In lambengolmor@y..., Fredrik <gwaihir@s...> wrote:

      > Another example to take into account may be _Pallando_, possibly from
      > _pal+rando_ *'far-wanderer'.

      As for _Pallando_ (one of the two _Ithryn Luin_ 'Blue Wizards', UT:394), I
      have always assumed this name to consist of _pal(an)_ 'far, distant, wide,
      to a great extent' (V:380 s.v. PAL-) + _landa_ 'wide' (V:367 s.v. LAD-) +
      masc. suffix _-o_, meaning *'He who travels far and wide', so called
      because he (with his companion Alatar) passed into the East and did not
      return. Note that 'Far-Wanderer' was the name of a ship built by Tar-
      Aldarion: Q. _Palarran_ (UT:178).

      -- Patrick Wynne
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