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  • gentlebeldin
    Jul 23 11:20 PM
      Surprisingly, there's still another interpretation:

      Root ING- + abstract suffix _we_ + root IS-, "first/foremost

      I'm aware I have to supply quite some evidence for my strange

      1. _Inwe_ is a variant of the name _Ingwe_, the first high-king of
      the Eldalie (LR, Index "Inwe" and "Ingwe"). There is at least one
      other similar derivation, _Inwir_, the house of Ingwe in Lost Tales.
      2. The root IS- showed up as _ist-_ in all known derivations (Etym,
      entry IS-).

      I see one problem: the glosses "knowledge" and "(mind-)mood" seem to
      be incompatible. But that may be just us: "knowledge" needs not to be
      restricted to rationality in other cultures, or in Tolkien's
      understanding, and the fact that he used the same element _ist_
      for "feeling, sensation" in Gnomish (cf. Beregond's message 105)
      could be a third evidence in favor of my hypothesis.

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