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1154Re: giving credit

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  • tyrhael_idhraen
    Aug 7, 2014
      A belated addition: upon searching for unrelated material on Elfling, I came across Bill Welden's post on Translating into Elvish (32167). After reading it I came to the conclusion that—while unintentional—my thoughts and comments in my previous message on what an original Tolkien text (compared to standard neo-Quenya) would look like were essentially copied from Welden's comments 9 years ago. I have no doubt that I read his post years ago, and it must have struck a note, as I later passed off parts of it as my own thoughts years after the memory of his post had frazzled out in my recollection. I therefore want to give credit where it is due.

      Interesting enough, in that post he raises the idea of a thought-experiment much like the one we have now!

      - Matt Dinse
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