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1126Re: Announcing _Vinyar Tengwar_ 50

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  • Morgan Thomsen
    Feb 4, 2013
      May I ask you for a clarification on how to access issue 50 if you are
      not a subscriber? I bought (the incomplete) Vol. 5 some years ago and
      I'm thus hoping to just add issue 50. Will my only option be to buy a
      new Vol. 5, or will the new issue be offered on Lulu.com as a single

      Best wishes,

      Morgan Thomsen

      [Those who are not current subscribers can obtain a copy of _VT_ 50 by sending $4 to me, preferably via PayPal payment to Aelfwine@... . Be sure to include your name and postal address.

      Please do so quickly, though, as I will have to freeze the print-run size very soon.

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