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1111Parma Eldalamberon Issue No. 12 - Reprint

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  • cgilson75
    Jun 15, 2011

      "The Sounds of Qenya" and
      "Qenya Dictionary"

      By J. R. R. TOLKIEN


      This issue contains Tolkien's brief sketch of the internal history of Qenya contemporary with the Lost Tales; a very detailed (though unfinished) historical phonology of the language; and the "Qenya Dictionary" -- more commonly known as the Qenya Lexicon -- Tolkien's earliest and most comprehensive treatment of the vocabulary of this favorite of his Elvish languages.

      In this reprint of _Parma 12_ we have corrected all of the errors that were noticed in the previous printings. We have also improved the typography of the phonetic symbols and diacritics used in the text where unicode versions are now available. As with _Parma 14_ (which was reprinted last year) we have improved the quality of _Parma 12_ by printing directly from electronic files instead of the photocopying method used in the past.

      We expect _Parma Eldalamberon 12_ will be ready to ship early next month. You can reserve a copy by ordering it now via PayPal at the link given above, or by sending a check to the address below. The cost is $35.00 US per copy, including postage and handling world-wide.

      Christopher Gilson
      1240 Dale Ave. #40
      Mountain View, CA 94040