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1102Dictionary Citations

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  • Kris Kowal
    Oct 20, 2010
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      I'm attempting to collect data for cross-referencing Elvish words with
      citations that involve explanations of those words, in conjunction
      with my project to construct an online reference map. I've started
      with the names from the maps, and comprehensive citations from the
      Silmarillion's Index of Names and the Parts of Elvish Words. I then
      broke compound words and attempted to correlate their meanings like a
      Sudoku puzzle, mostly for my own edification, but also to attempt to
      "reverse-engineer" some of the under-explained names. I imagine this
      project has been undertaken before.


      Postfix asterisk implies that cell contains conjecture presently. A
      postfix plus implies that the cell is filled with a value acquired
      from another row that has either a corresponding word or meaning
      explained elsewhere. Rows without citations are conjecture or I'm
      still in search for an appropriate citation; these mostly come from
      the map or secondary sources that I haven't connected back to the
      primary texts. I plan to write automation to generate pages for each
      word component, to give a complete background of its various meanings,
      attested contexts, and usage. The plan is to use this data to provide
      background for the articles on each location on my map,

      I imagine that this would be useful for other projects. I would
      eventually like to connect this data with the etymologies in Lost Road
      and cross-check against secondary sources like the Hisweloke
      dictionary, for which I've been kindly provided some data files.

      Kris Kowal