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1084_Arda Philology_ update

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  • "Beregond, Anders Stenström"
    Aug 29, 2009

      The second volume of _Arda Philology_, comprising the
      proceedings of Omentielva Tatya in 2007, was published just
      in time for Omentielva Nelya, and since a couple of weeks it
      can be ordered with a button on this page:

      The page has now been updated to offer the possibility
      to preview the two published volumes online before deciding
      to order. At least, this will work with a cooperative browser.
      It works perfectly for me (using Seamonkey on eComStation),
      but the first tester beside myself reported problems (and if
      you have any, so may you; tell me your browser and OS and how
      the page behaves).


      Beregond, Anders Stenström