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1082Omentielva Nelya -- reminder

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  • "Beregond, Anders Stenström"
    Jun 23, 2009

      In six weeks, it will be time to pack the suitcase for a trip to
      Britain and Whitehaven.
      Omentielva Nelya will be held there on 6-9 August. If you have the
      opportunity to attend, do not miss it! On the website of the conference,
      www.omentielva.com, you can register online (go to "Next Conference",
      then "Registration").
      There are papers and other items on the programme to attract anyone
      with an interest in Tolkien's languages:

      * Agnieszka Tańczuk (in absentia): “The Language of Magic in J.R.R.
      Tolkien’s Works”
      * Helios De Rosario Martínez: “A Methodological Study of Elvish
      Writing Systems”
      * Petri Tikka: “God’s Names in Elvish”
      * Valeria Barouch: “Some Notes on Arvernien”
      * Måns Björkman: “Attested Verb Classes in Late Quenya”
      * Helge Fauskanger (in absentia): “Challenges in the Exegesis of
      Tolkien's Linguistic Material”
      * “An Elvish Learning Curve” — report from a primary school Tolkien
      Reading Fellowship
      * “A Discussion on Elven Poesy” led by Tuilinde, Susan Edwards
      * “Towards an encoding of Tengwar and Cirth in the Universal
      Character Set” — workshop led by Michael Everson

      More is coming!

      Nai tuluvalye omentielvanna!

      Beregond, Anders Stenström