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1073S. _Fimbrethill_: birch or beech ?

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  • Edouard Kloczko
    Dec 2, 2008
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      In all my editions of _The Lord of the Rings_, in App. F S. _Fimbrethil_
      is translated "slender-*beech*". But in the Index to the Second Edition
      _Fimbrethil_ is translated "slim-*birch*".

      Just another discrepancy? In _Etym._ Noldorin _brethil_ is a beech, not
      a birch, and in his notes for _LotR_ (published in PE 17 pp. 19, 23,
      and 82) _brethil_ is translated "birch" and never "beech".

      Could the App. F text be in error, e.g. a typo? I wonder what Tolkien
      first wrote in his first _LotR_ typescript when he wrote App. F. I have
      not read it in Marquette. Has anyone here?


      Edouard Kloczko

      [Hammond and Scull note the discrepancy in their _Lord of the Rings: A
      Reader's Companion_ (pp. 386-7), but do not indicate whether they
      checked the reading "beech" in the typescript version of App. F. CFH]