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1071PE:17 Igil-Igli

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  • Kloczko
    Dec 9, 2008
      In PE:17 page 141 we learn that (some) Sindar called the Exiled Noldor
      _eglon_ from the etymon _etlô_.

      Just one line over that statement we have the plurial form _Etlôi_,
      which gave the S. _igli_; but on top of that same page we read :

      "_eglir, igil_"

      Could this _igil_ be a misprint for _igli_?

      Edouard Kloczko

      [I've checked my photocopy of this ms., and the reading "_eglir,
      igil_" in the passage cited is certainly correct. In this text Tolkien
      was experimenting with a great many possible Sindarin developments
      from original _*etlô, *etlôi_, and on pg. 142 you will see that these
      include BOTH _igli_ and _igil_, as well as alternative sg. forms such
      as _egol_ and _egel_. -- PHW]