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106Aikanáro vs. Ekyanáro

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  • rashbold
    Jul 18, 2002
      I do not know if this has been discussed before, but having read "Notes on
      Óre", I encountered the name Ekyanáro, said to be variant form of the
      Aikanáro. While the first element of the former is very likely to be
      derived from the root EK "stab, prick with a sharp point", the latter is
      from GAYA "dread, awe". We also have the stem AYAK in The Etymologies
      meaning "sharp" Could it be, in Tolkien's later conceptions, that the
      gloss "sharp" in _aika_ be perhaps influenced by _ekya_? We cannot
      really discount the Sindarin derivatives of AJAK (obsolete though the
      stem may be IMHO) because of the attested form _aeglir_ (as in Hithaeglir).

      Some discussion on this matter is very much appreciated, confusing though
      this post may be.