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1058Quenya perfect active participle

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  • Thorsten Renk
    Aug 11, 2008
      In PE17:68 I find the description of the formation of participles:

      "Simple past participle passive _kari-nwa_, adj. _-ina_, after vowel stems
      _-nwa, sinwa, sîna_ 'known, certain, ascertained'. After intransitives
      often = active participle, _va_nwa_. This has a past form _kárienwa_

      As it is printed, 'this' seems to refer to the previously mentioned active
      participle. However, given the style of Tolkien's notes, this may be an
      accident and 'this' may in fact refer back to 'simple past participle
      passive' at the beginning of the sentence. I wonder of anyone with access
      to a copy of the original note could clarify if the text arrangement on
      the original document can provide any clue as to what is meant here?


      * Thorsten
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