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1053General questions Re: Tolkien/Elvish

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  • dysert_a
    Mar 3, 2008
      Dear all,

      I am a graduate student in medieval languages & book history and am
      currently working on Tolkien language scholarship from a reception
      studies perspective. I was hoping to pose a couple questions which
      perhaps you have thought about yourselves.

      Namely, would you consider yourself and your work part of a larger
      Tolkien readership community? Part of an even larger fantasy
      readership community? What about Tolkien fan communities?

      How would you characterize yourself vis-a-vis Tolkien studies? Would
      you consider yourself mainly a fan? An enthusiast? A scholar? Or an
      author in your own right?

      How does composing in Quenya or debating niceties of Tolkienian
      linguistics affect your relationship to the JRRT corpus?

      These are a couple examples. I would immensely appreciate hearing
      any thoughts & if anyone would be willing to fill out a more in-depth
      survey for me, please email me at anna.dysert@....

      [Please reply to Ms. Dysert directly, not on the list. Ms. Dysert, when you have finished your study, feel free to report the results to the list. CFH]
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