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1048Re: PE17: Cross-references

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  • Fredrik
    Jan 6, 2008
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      Thanks to the clarifications from Mr. Gilson in lambengolmor message
      1045, the following can be added to my list:

      10) Notes on Names (NN; 17:6, 17:29, 17:118), a gathering of pages
      paper-clipped together, the last page of which was dated 'Oct. 1957'.

      10A) On the first page of the gathering was a note beginning 'I think
      names Fingon, Fingolfin, Finrod, Felagund, Inglor, &c' (17:118); and
      notes on roots AS (17:148), <NG>AR (17:169), ARA|N|T (17:148), RETE
      (17:182), ON/NO (17:170), KHIN (17:157). Apparently on the back of this
      page was a note on various names ending 'Don't like Felagund' (17:117-118).

      10B) A page with the actual heading 'Notes on Names', and with notes on
      the Q word for 'Green' and Legolas (17:84).

      10C) A rejected page with notes on _phelga_ and Feleggund (17:118);
      'Fingon : Turgon?' (17:113-114), and the first of the notes on Ídril

      10D) "Another page in NN" with the second of the notes on Idril
      (17:112); Turgond- and Felagund (17:112); the 'Problem of -rod'
      (17:118–119). Further to this there were notes on 'Fingon, a poor name'
      (17:112-113), leading into notes on Turgon, Turgond, TUR (17:113), with
      'a genealogical chart of the descendants of Finwe' (17:119; not
      published, unless it is the chart of father and son reproduced on page 113).

      10E) A page with notes on the sons of Finwe (17:39); curu (17:83); and
      (apparently) the notes on DEL (17:151), SPIN (17:185), PHIN (17:181).

      10F) A sheet with notes on Gondolin (17:29), Dor-lómin and Hithlum (not
      published in PE 17).

      10G) A page with a note 'Some corrections of nomenclature' (17:139–140).

      10H) Next to the previous page was a sheet with a note 'In Sindarin the
      old words ...' (17:140) and a paradigm of Sindarin forms (17:46). Back:
      derivatives of _edelo_ (17:141).

      10I) Notes on _kwenede_ and other forms (17:141). Back: 'Noldor: called
      dúnelt' &c (17:142).

      In the gathering there were also notes on Narog (17:47); IN (17:155); IR
      (17:155); IT/ITH (17:156); KIN, KIT (17:157).
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