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1047PE17: Some more questions

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  • Fredrik
    Jan 6, 2008
      Some more questions on PE 17, further to those in a previous message of
      mine (lambengolmor message 1040):

      1) On page 18 s.v. _Dúnadan_, the Quenya word_tarhildi_ appears. Is the
      reading with -h- rather than -k- certain? _Tarkil_ (so spelled in
      Appendix F:I) seems to have been the form used from early drafts on.

      2) The text on "pronominal adjectival affixes" ("probably dating to the
      mid-1960s") quoted in VT49:17 reads as a later version of the notes on
      EQ possessive suffixes, PE17:130 ("placed in a bundle of papers enclosed
      in a folded newspaper dated 5 May 1965"). Or could it be the other way

      3) The draft letter to Mr. Masson includes a detailed analysis of
      Galadriel's Song. Curiously, Tolkien made no comment on the first
      two lines, or on the part after 'imbe met' (i.e. the lines 'ar hísie /
      untúpa Calaciryo míri oiale', &c). Is a page missing from the draft?

      4) I just posted a partial index (of sorts) to manuscripts referenced in
      PE 17, mainly as an aid to resolve cross-references. In it I assumed
      that the excerpts from the letter to Mr. Matthews were basically
      published in the reverse of their original order. Did I get the order right?


      (At first I sent this message and a previous version of the "index" as
      one post, but then decided to cancel it and turn them into separate
      messages -- in case someone was wondering about the 'cancellation
      message' that unexpectedly appeared on the list. :) )