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1045Re: PE17: Two minor queries

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  • cgilson75
    Jan 5, 2008
      --- In lambengolmor@yahoogroups.com, Fredrik <frestro@...> wrote:

      > On page 112 in PE17 there are two texts on Idril. The editor notes for
      > the first one that "This note is on a page in NN ["Notes on Names"] with
      > notes on _Fingon_ and _Turgon_ (see below) and _Felagund_". For the
      > second text, it is said that "This is on a page in NN with notes on
      > _Turgon_ and _Fingon_(see below)".
      > The notes on Turgon and Fingon referred to are said to be on the same
      > page in NN. So it would seem that the two notes on Idril are on the
      > same page in NN too, though this is not obvious from the editorial
      > notes. Just to be sure: Is it correct that Tolkien wrote the second note
      > on Idril on the same manuscript page as the first one?

      These two _Idril_ texts are on separate pages, thus the different
      descriptions of their other contents. Also note that I say about the
      first of these pages that it "was deleted with a single vertical stroke."
      From this fact and comparison with the other editorial notes the
      reader can infer the note that begins "_Fingon : Turgon_ ?" (p. 113),
      and also the notes on _Felagund_ near the top of page 118, are
      the ones from the rejected NN page that also has the first of the
      notes on _Idril_. The other notes on _Turgon_ and _Fingon_ are the
      ones that are from the same NN page as the second note on _Idril_.

      -- Christopher
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