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104Re: [Lambengolmor] The etymology of _imíca_

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  • Beregond. Anders Stenström
    Jul 15, 2002
      Petri Tikka wrote:

      > But there is the word _néka_ "pale, vague, faint, dim to see" (MC:221-223),
      > which has either
      > 1. lengthening of the stem wowel *NE + adjectival ending _-ca_
      > 2. *NÉ + an adjectival ending

      Is it not also possible that the _c_ (_k_) is a part of the stem? This
      kind of formation -- lengthened sundóma and addition of _-a_ -- is
      typically used for nouns, but is it impossible that an adjective could
      be formed in the same way (from an adjectival root)?