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1028Tolkien's English Runes

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  • gildir_2
    Sep 30, 2007
      I have written a paper on Tolkien's English Runes in _The Hobbit_.

      See http://www.forodrim.org/daeron/md_teng_primers.html

      I hope that it will be of interest for young Hobbit readers and
      writing systems experts alike. It should also be sufficient as a
      writing guide.

      This study is a by-product of the new Swedish translation by Erik
      Andersson of _The Hobbit_ titled _Hobbiten_. Yours Truly had the
      honour of re-transcribing the runes on the map and the foreword from
      the translated Swedish text. A writing mode for Swedish had to be
      determined (with ÅÄÖ and some other peculiarities), so a detailed
      study was made of Tolkien's original writing mode, with more than a
      little help from the other members of the Mellonath Daeron.

      There is also another paper describing the Swedish writing mode used
      in _Hobbiten_. It's in Swedish since it is aimed mainly at the
      Swedish readers, but should be understandable by others too.

      Hope this is of interest.

      Suilaid o Mellonath Daeron,
      Gildir, Per Lindberg