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1026PE17 erratum?: _Domhabar_

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  • Helios De Rosario Martínez
    Sep 30, 2007
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      Dear colleagues,

      First, I want to congratulate and thank Christopher Gilson for his
      enormous task editing "Words, Phrases and Passages" in _Parma_ 17. It
      has been a surprise to learn that Tolkien had written so many detailed
      explanations of nearly every item in his invented languages occurring in
      _The Lord of the Rings_, and it is a pleasure to have all those notes
      gathered in one book. It is really a gift not only for _lambengolmor_,
      but also for those readers who just find the names, phrases and poems in
      LR appealing and intriguing, and are willing to know something more
      about them.

      This being said, I must confess that it will take a lot of time for me
      to read and digest it through, but in a quick overview, I think to have
      found an erratum on p. 35, where D[warvish] _Khazad-dûm_ is matched to
      Older S[indarin] _Domhabar_. I would expect _Dornhabar_ instead, from S.
      _Dorn_, pl. _Dyrn_ 'dwarf' (PE17:181, s.v. POL, also cp. _Dornhoth_ 'The
      Thrawn Folk' in XI:388), just like in XI:209 we read _Nornhabar_
      connected to _Norn-folk_, _Nornwaith_ and (pl.) _Nyrn_.


      [I've had a look at my (second-generation) photocopy, and to my eyes it is certainly possible for me to read the form as _Dornhabar_. Furthermore, this happens to be a case where Tolkien has written a form in nib pen over an earlier form in ballpoint, and I can see that this earlier form began with capital "N", and so probably read _Nornhabar_ as at XI:209, further supporting the reading _Dornhabar_. However, I would ask Christopher Gilson to have another look at this on his first-generation photocopy for confirmation. CFH]
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