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1024PE17 index errata

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  • hisweloke
    Sep 26, 2007
      PE17 is a great issue with a large bunch of new words and stems. Here
      are two small issues I just noted while browsing the Sindarin part of
      the index in PE17:

      _alaf_ 'elm' (PE17:153, root ALAB-) is missing from the Sindarin
      index. (It should have appeared on p. 209 - Q. _albe_ from the same
      entry is correctly listed in the index p. 194).

      _serke_ 'blood' on p. 217 is a typo for _sereg_ (PE17:184, root
      SEREK-). Of course, _serke_ is the Quenya form (correctly listed in
      the index p. 205).

      By the way, out of pure curiosity, why aren't these indexes
      cross-referenced with the actual pages in that edition of PE? Such
      internal cross-concordances would have been useful, in my opinion, for
      checking the index entries and the texts back and forth. This could
      maybe have been done more or less automatically during the production
      of the indexes (setting target references on stems etc. - most modern
      word processing software have such features), but if this is no longer
      feasible now, would you be interested in someone doing it? (More
      precisely, this is something I will do for my own projects and
      interests, but you might have preferences or comments on how this
      should be done and potentially presented).

      Thanks for the very good (and no doubt pretty hard) job on that nice


      [Thanks for the two corrigenda! As for your questions regarding the
      cross-references in the indexes, these can only be properly addressed
      by Christopher Gilson. -- PHW]