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1007Re: Etymology of _Asfaloth_

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  • Patrick H. Wynne
    Jun 22, 2007
      --- In lambengolmor@yahoogroups.com, BertrandBellet75@... wrote:

      > Now, let us explain _As-faloth_ . I just found in TI:120 (this is in
      > fact what made me write this message) the name _Osforod_ translated
      > 'the Northburg'? - a predecessor to LR's _Fornost Erain_, visibly. This
      > is transparently made of the well-known elements _ost_ 'city,
      > fortress'+ _forod_ 'north'? and reveals that in compounds -_st_ +
      > _f_- > -_sf_-.

      Another example of -ST + F- > -SF- in a Noldorin compound is cited
      in the Etymologies s.v. IS-, where Tolkien notes that _Isfin_ (the early
      name of Turgon's sister) = _Istfin_. The first element is N. _ist_ 'lore,
      knowledge', cited in the same entry, and the second element is explicitly
      said to be _phinya_ 'skilled' or _-fine_ (_-phini_) 'skill' s.v. PHIN-
      'nimbleness, skill'. So N. _Is(t)fin_ at this time meant *'Lore-skill' --
      cp. the gloss of Goldogrin _Isfin_ in NFG as 'snow-locks' or 'exceeding-
      cunning' (II:244) -- the "Official Name List" to _The Fall of Gondolin_
      gives the etymological form of Gn. _Isfin_ as _Isifinde-_ (PE13:103).

      A computer search of the texts of the Etymologies (and their Addenda &
      Corrigenda) yields no further examples of -SF- in compounds.

      -- Patrick H. Wynne
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