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Re: [Lilax] Roxen web server

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    ... My understanding is that one of the great points is Roxen s ease of installation. ... Would be very interested in seeing you demo this if possible for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 1999
      John Wenger wrote:
      > Ismet Kursunoglu wrote:
      > >
      > > I keep hearing more and more good things about Roxen; is anyone using
      > > it ? Would anyone like to setup a discussion session and compare this
      > > to Apache (installation, scripting tools, modules etc..)?
      > >
      > > http://www.roxen.com/
      > >
      > > Ismet
      > >
      > Ismet,
      > I would contribute my Roxen knowledge to this. I almost demoed it
      > last week at Demo Day. Last August a wizard friend of mine installed
      > Roxen Challenger for me, and then I configured it with some difficulty
      > without a manual but with some phonecalls to my wizard, and then ran

      My understanding is that one of the great points is Roxen's ease of

      > The bottom line is that Roxen is much faster than Apache, and far
      > easier to configure, comes with stronger encryption, both 128 and 168
      > bit, and has its own extension language Pike, a sort of C++ like
      > interpreter. Apache has modules for more languages, etc. than does
      > Roxen. Roxen recently added support for PHP due to popular demand,
      > even though Roxen already has its own scripting language that may be
      > superior, and which can be extended by the programmer via Pike. It
      > looks as if the Roxen team is adding features due to popular demand
      > from the Apache community, because the Apaches do not believe what
      > they hear about Roxen.

      Would be very interested in seeing you demo this if possible for

      > My installation was provided to me under non-disclosure, and I will
      > have to ask my wizard what is secret and what is not before I demo
      > it. If there is a problem with the NDA, then I could install a newer
      > version that is not under non-disclosure.

      I thought it was all under the GPL?

      > By the way, where are you hearing about Roxen? I seldom see it
      > mentioned. I have been hearing more about other servers such as Zope,
      > AOLServer, and Zeus.

      Various news reports in the last year. Yes there has been news about
      these others.

      How about we consider a tutorial type session on some Sat in the next
      year. This would
      include a review of web server technology in general then a review of
      the major
      diffs between some the above. Maybe even a demo and installation as time
      permits of one
      or two of them. (I would like to hear about AOLServer and Roxen).

      If so I'll try to drum up some support from various vendors.

      Most recently I have some mail from SGI re a possible tutorial for the
      group as well as
      interest from Ecrix to host a workshop on backup solutions.

      BTW I have some left over SuSE 6.2 CDROMs from the demo week. I'll bring
      them to
      the next meeting if anyone is interested. (about 15 or so).


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