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Re: [lalugs] Re: Testing, testing... SCALE lugs discussion

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  • Chris Louden
    Hello, No the idea has not died although communication did in fact fail. I ll take the blame. I actually have an email that s been in my drafts folder since
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 24, 2008

      No the idea has not died although communication did in fact fail. I'll
      take the blame.

      I actually have an email that's been in my drafts folder since mid-Fed
      that I had written to address continuing the discussion. It ended up
      coming off somewhat like a rant so I never sent it. I have had the
      intention to recompose it for a while now. The typical excuses; work
      and family have kept me busy. As well David Kaiser became very busy
      just after SCALE and he and I have not taken the time to follow up on
      the BOF in detail.

      Since the ball is rolling now, might as well keep it going.

      Let me first clarify based on some feedback that I already received.
      We are not attempting to make one gigantic SoCal LUG. As David said in
      the meeting there is nothing predatory going on here at all. We simply
      wish to create a community to help us pool our resources. The part of
      that I would like to stress is "create a community".

      The suggestion was put forth at the BOF that someone already had a
      website up and running with various features (wiki, mailing list,
      etc.). However hardly anyone is using it. David and I are also working
      on a web site, but that site does not have to be the solution either.
      In fact I would say that a web site is not the solution. Its great
      that we have a tool box full of tools, but what are we going to build?
      We need to first build a foundation for a community and go in the
      direction determined by that community.

      What do you think of creating a communication network between SoCal
      LUGs and other F/OSS groups, sharing speakers and events with one

      If you have a thought on the topic, lets here them.


      On 3/10/08, jasonrkr <jasonrkr@...> wrote:
      > Group,
      > Did this idea die? I'm interested in working on something like this.
      > What would be the next step to make this a reality?
      > Thanks.
      > Jason
      > --- In lalugs@yahoogroups.com, "Michelle Klein-Hass" <msgeek703@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I wasn't there, but was briefed by Kurt and Brian about what went on.
      > >
      > > I'm very intrigued about the idea of creating a communication network
      > > between LUGs. I am involved both with SFVLUG and LinuxChixLA, as you
      > > know, and I think both groups would be positively inclined towards
      > > such an effort.
      > >
      > > I missed you at SCALE, much to my disappointment. Hope things are
      > > going well for you, Dan.
      > >
      > > Take care,
      > > Michelle
      > >
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