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GIS and dec 13th meeting

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    I am setting up the December meeting for Lilax (http://www.lilax.org) and wanted to know how many of you would show up for the following presentation by
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2003
      I am setting up the December meeting for Lilax (http://www.lilax.org)
      and wanted to know how many of you would show up for the following
      presentation by GenaWare. Take a look at the following information and
      then the proposed talk. If you will be attending let me know by sending
      an affirmative e-mail to me - if there are a good number who are
      interested then the company will have the speakers fly out. I believe
      they are coming from NC.

      These days this kind of information regarding potential attendance is
      the kind of thing that companies would like to gather prior to making
      the commitment. If there are not many of you who can attend then it
      might be that we can postpone the session to next year.

      Thanks, Ismet


      Genware provides solutions (GIS) and is the only commercial geospatial
      software company in which all components of the software run natively on
      Linux, and which is used for the core build. We provide everything from
      back-end spatial data processing engines to enterprise web server and
      viewing and publishing tools for developing web and desktop

      The core presentation will be based on a educational and technology
      solution perspective as opposed to sales
      and marketing.

      GenaWare provides open, non-proprietary enterprise spatial tools for
      viewing, analyzing and publishing spatial data to the web and embedding
      in other applications. Our solutions are being used by the
      worldÿs largest system integrators for their military application
      development projects such as Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin,Northrop
      Grumman and General Dynamics as well as many engineering firms.

      "The nature of our robust, open, non proprietary spatial tools are ideal
      for integration and development purposes. They run native on Linux,
      UNIX / AIX and Windows platforms and our primary customers are in
      emergency management, military and defense, state and local government,
      utilities and telecommunications. We natively read in hundreds data
      types including those of ERSI, Intergraph, MapInfo, etc."

      The presentation will cover the following outline:

      The Power of Geography

      ¨ What is GIS?

      ¨ Benefits of GIS in different industries: Aerospace, military,
      defense, state and local governments, commercial applications of GIS,

      ¨ Benefits GIS & Linux

      § Open Systems

      § Custom Development

      § Software

      § Hardware

      The presentation will take up about 45 minutes and then allow for
      questions and answers.

      GenaWare - more information at http://www.genaware.com/
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