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  • h1kari
    TOORCON 2003 LINEUP FINALIZED We are proud to announce the finalized lineup for ToorCon this year. With a total of 29 talks on 2 tracks spanning 2 days, we
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2003

      We are proud to announce the finalized lineup for ToorCon this year.
      With a total of 29 talks on 2 tracks spanning 2 days, we have a
      really compelling lineup this year. This year we are going Back to
      Basics and introducing a Policy and Procedure track along side the
      standard Attack and Defense topics. This bridges the gap between the
      underground attack and defense technologies that are being developed
      and the business policies and laws that are in place to ensure your
      safety and security. This year will also have a special emphasis on
      wireless, cryptography, and steganography technologies that are being
      developed to protect your freedom and anonymity from the every
      increasing listening entities on the internet. More information is
      available at:



      Pre-registration for toorcon this year is only $50 and will be
      closing September 12th, 2003, so please pre-register ASAP and save
      $15 off the door price! To commemorate our 5-year milestone, we will
      be giving away official commemorative t-shirts to the first 50
      registered attendees. There are a few shirts left so register today
      for your chance at a FREE shirt.



      Saturday, September 27th 2003
      10:00-11:00 Keynote: Robert X. Cringely
      11:00-12:00 Simple Nomad, NMRC - NMRC Happenings
      12:00-13:00 divide, dd & spoonm, Ghettohackers - Root-Fu ; Rise of the
      14:30-15:30 FtR, Phenoelit - More Embedded Systems
      15:30-16:30 Bruce Potter, The Shmoo Group - Bluetooth Service
      16:30-17:30 Dan Kaminsky, Avaya - Stack Black Ops: New Concepts for
      Network Manipulation
      17:30-18:30 Jaya Baloo - De-Mystifying Quantum Crypto
      18:30-20:00 Alexander Payne, Ron DuFresne, Dennis W. Mattison -
      Securing 802.11 Panel

      Sunday, September 28th 2003
      11:00-12:00 Dave Killion, Netscreen - UPS: The Undetectable Packet
      12:00-13:00 Keith Hoerling & Mark Wilkerson - Luna Part Deux: Project
      Luna & The Luna Correspondence Protocol
      13:00-14:00 Seth Hardy, Tsumego - /dev/erandom: the inner workings of
      a provably secure PRNG
      15:30-16:30 Rodney Thayer, The Shmoo Group - SlimJim: Shared Library
      Shimming for Password Harvesting
      16:30-17:30 Todd MacDermid - Stegtunnel and Packet Purgatory - A
      review of the design of a steganographic protocol
      17:30-18:30 Triax, Cornea Labs - Vulnerabilities in Service-based
      18:30-20:00 Anton Rager & abaddon - Abusing 802.11 Panel


      Saturday, September 27th 2003
      10:00-11:00 Keynote: Robert X. Cringely
      11:00-12:00 Richard Thieme, Thiemeworks - The Big Picture and The
      Bigger Picture: How the Masters of the Unseen Think About
      12:00-13:00 Lance Hayden, Cisco - HIPAA: What You Need to Know About
      14:30-15:30 Justin Lundy, Tegatai Systems - Analysis of the Top 50
      Hacking Tools and Exploits of All Time
      15:30-16:30 Jennifer S. Granick, Stanford Center for Internet &
      Society - Vulnerability Reporting and Legal Liability
      16:30-17:30 Chris Franklin, Acadine Inc. - Insuring Healthcare
      Messaging and Architecture Security
      17:30-18:30 Michael Groch, CATCH Team - California Senate Bill 1386
      and How It Affects Your Business
      18:30-20:00 Barb Major, Loren Mercer, Ted Lindsey - Law Enforcement

      Sunday, September 28th 2003
      11:00-12:00 Cory Doctorow, EFF - TBA
      12:00-13:00 Lance James, InvisibleNet - Data Backups and Management to
      Satisfy 21CFR Part 11
      13:00-14:00 Jay Doscher - Securing Wireless Networks through Automated
      15:30-16:30 David J. Meltzer, Intrusec Inc. - The Coming Age of
      Defensive Worms
      16:30-17:30 Petty Larceny, iterror.org - Protesting Patriot: Private
      systems, encryption and everything you don't want uncle
      sam to know
      17:30-18:30 Jason Peel, Network Thought Co. - Security Rationale: Best
      Practices in Policy and Enforcement
      18:30-20:00 TBA - Security Panel


      ToorCon's first intensive seminar sessions are aimed to provide the
      best information for decision makers. Pre-registered admissions to
      both Friday seminars cost only $300 and includes free admission to
      the receptions and general lectures on Saturday and Sunday. General
      admission to the reception and all lectures on Saturday and Sunday is
      only $50 if you pre-register, more pricing and registration
      information is available at:


      Friday, September 26th 2003
      8:00-12:00 Lance Hayden, Cisco Systems Secure Consulting Services
      Enterprise Network Architecture and Regulatory Compliance

      Information Security regulations now affect all sectors of the
      economy. Whether you have personal, medical, or financial information
      pertaining to your customers or are in scientific research, you are
      affected. All of the regulations and how they pertain to your
      information systems will be discussed: HIPAA, SB1386, Graham-Leech-
      Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, and 21CFR.

      13:30-17:30 Peter Bartoli, Alphafight Heavy Industries, Chief
      Officer and Chairman -
      Cost-effective Corporate Security Management

      Virtually everyone knows they need to deal with security, and that
      solutions should be proactive rather than reactive. This talk details
      how to effectively tackle the security issue on a budget.


      We have setup a discussion board and have obtained discounted rates
      for hotel rooms and airlines which is all available on our website
      now. There are also some caravans being organized from the Bay Area
      and Los Angeles whom will be receiving a discounted group rate. Check
      the website regularly for updates on caravans and room & board
      sharing information.



      ToorCon will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in Downtown San
      Diego on September 26th-28th, 2003. We will be having a reception on
      the night of Friday, September 26th and the lectures will take place
      on Saturday, September 27th and Sunday the 28th.

      Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
      One Market Place
      San Diego, CA 92101 USA
      +1 619 232 1234


      September 12th, 2003 - Pre-registration closes
      September 26th-28th, 2003 - ToorCon 2003


      h1kari <h1kari@...>
      Chairman, ToorCon Information Security Conference 2003
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