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Re: Linux Counter; publicity

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  • Ismet Kursunoglu
    ... Imagine all of the goodwill and brand name that Linux is developing given the huge number of sites that are directly involved in this whole thing. (imagine
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 18, 1999
      Dan Kegel wrote:
      > From: Dan Kegel <dank@...>
      > David Lawyer reminded us of the Linux Counter project,
      > http://counter.li.org/
      > which lets people register their Linux machines online.
      > Right now, there are 61613 computers registered with the project.

      Imagine all of the goodwill and brand name that Linux is developing
      given the
      huge number of sites that are directly involved in this whole thing.
      (imagine a
      windows site for instant news like www.linuxmall.com!). And now more and
      folks are talking about and using the *BSD's as well. You really get to
      know and
      like the OS as well as the culture and friendships that develop along
      the way.

      These notions extend into the whole "dot org" phenomenon of open source
      software development.
      It seems that programers / developers are attracted to this type of
      endeavor (choice,
      hours, ease of access, challenges, and lack of boredom - not to mention
      the incredible
      affect on society as a whole.) Certainly the GNU/GPL is one of the most
      interesting movers in all of this. And certainly the business models out
      there are developing very nicely to
      embrace this.

      (some the ideas and notions here are quite helpful in sorting out some
      of these issues

      > Registering your computer is a way to show support for Linux, so
      > we might want to encourage LUG members to register there.

      I just finished getting an account on lafn (lafn.org) for the two
      youngest members in
      our group (10 and 4). The 486 with SuSe6.2 is up and running nicely with
      the PPP connection
      working very well indeed. (the first site they went to was

      I'll have to remind them to register it at the Linux counter. Many of
      parents in their schools have been very curious as to how to get a Linux
      system (it is
      a buzz in the K-public school systems here in LA) and also on how to
      access the LA Freenet.

      (BTW thanks to Jimmy Navaro for pointing out that I needed to setup
      proxy server connections
      to use PPP for http under lafn.org, and much thanks to Michael Fair for
      pointing out that I
      needed to add a no-linear line to lilo.conf to access the MBR from the
      3.2 GB drive in that system).

      > Unless you count mail from LUGs as spam, of course!
      > I've downloaded a list of 424 Los Angeles area Linux users
      > from that site. Do we want to send mail to these folks,
      > inviting them to use www.lalugs.org to find a local users' group?

      Sure why not. I was hoping that we could also plan for a SUPER- install
      fest and couple it
      with someone like the LA FreeNet to get kids on-line in addition to
      using Linux. Maybe some hardware support from Aerospace/Technical
      companies and other industries here in LA county as well as the national
      hardware vendors. (discounted systems for example along with the low,
      $40 /year , access feeto LA Freenet makes for a very nice on-line
      /educational solution that most folks could afford). Sort open source
      hardware/ network access if you will.

      Any one else interested in this? Could we use the collective energies
      and genius of our groups here in LA to pull this off? How about shooting
      for 1000 new Linux based /network users in the next quarter? And
      eventually a 100,000 new users in LA by the end of next year? (setting
      up our own counter for this).

      As it grows it sure would take some careful organization- but what
      better thing to do then this? GNU begets GNU.

      I don't have a huge amount of time, but I sure would be willing to do my
      share and if we split up the work between all of use in the various
      LUG's we sure could cover a wide area.

      > Personally, I think it'd be more productive to publicize
      > www.lalugs.org in user group directories and on local radio
      > shows.

      Yes- any one have connections in this area?

      > So I've submitted www.lalugs.org to the following directories:
      > http://www.ssc.com/glue/groups/
      > http://www.linuxlinks.com/UserGroups/UnitedStates/California/
      > http://lugww.nllgg.nl/
      > http://bbs.apcug.org/database/locdtst.asp?LCID=CA
      > http://easyrsvp.com/ugotw/
      > http://dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Software/Operating_Systems/Unix/Linux/User_Groups/
      > http://linuxnews.com/program/usergrp/list
      > http://www.linux.org/users/groups/usa/california.html
      > news:comp.os.linux.announce
      > and I'll submit it to
      > http://www.zdnet.com/computershopper/edit/cshopper/bbspolcy.html
      > as soon as I find my analog modem...

      Wow, great.

      If any one would like to chat about this or subject of this thread we
      could start over at
      irc.dal.net, in the #lilax channel- say 9 PM?

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