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Re: [Lula] Want to help maintain lalugs.org?

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  • Dan Kegel
    ... Why, thanks. ... And we enjoyed it too! ... I have a volunteer already, so you re off the hook. Thanks for the sentiment, though. ... After a year and a
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 10, 2003
      Peter Benjamin wrote:
      > Just to re-iterate to those reading this thread, the original
      > post is to get help with lalugs.org that I know for a fact is
      > a very visited web site and is now mentioned in most major
      > linux and even unix portal and community web sites as the
      > place to find a meeting if you are visiting LA or OC or even
      > SoCal. Dan has done a fine job creating this site, which on
      > its own is now highly linked to for its focus. Most LA LUGS
      > now link to it. If you are in another part of LA looking
      > for similar minded folks, then LALUGS.org gives you the
      > fastest route to find the meeting day and location.

      Why, thanks.

      > I enjoyed my 6 months of maintaining LULA.org the other year.

      And we enjoyed it too!

      > I would do LALUGS for 6 months, but...

      I have a volunteer already, so you're off the hook. Thanks for the sentiment, though.

      >>No, but I'm fairly happy with my datahand (http://www.datahand.com).
      > But Dan are your wrists not hurting with this unit?

      After a year and a third of hacking like the dickens, yes.
      It gave me quite a respite. It's not a cure, but it helped.

      > A very fine machine for $1300.00 US.
      > Is it adjustable? Mechanical angles?

      Yes. I don't adjust it much, though, which is probably bad.

      > Perhaps a different key layout might help?

      I found Dvorak very painful for typing 'ls', which I do often :-)

      > Actually I found the site had many interesting insights into
      > the mechanics of RSI and pain. Stuff I had not found on
      > other sites. Thanks Dan. I can use this stuff to better
      > analyze and arrange my low cost DIY attempt.

      > I agree that RSI is inflammation for 95% of the pain.
      > Cause the inflammation to go down and the pain goes away.
      > What cures do I know about? Three of them.
      > Massage, special type of the bad blood out and good blood in.
      > Aspirin cream applied directly the to muscle. Get the good
      > 30% aspirin cream for 20 second results. Apply many times
      > during the day, and the inflammation goes way down, and so
      > does the pain the next day when not using the cream.
      > Raise your hands above your head. Drain out the blood.

      Another one that seems to help me: plunge arms alternately into
      very warm water and very cold water (hold for 30 seconds each).
      Increases circulation.
      - Dan

      Dan Kegel
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