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Linux at SOCALWUG Meeting, Thursday 02/27/03 at 7pm

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  • Frank Keeney
    The next meeting of the Southern California Wireless Users Group will be meeting this Thursday 02/27/03 at 7pm (Pacific). Main presentation meetings are held
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2003
      The next meeting of the Southern California Wireless Users Group will be
      meeting this Thursday 02/27/03 at 7pm (Pacific).

      Main presentation meetings are held monthly on the fourth Thursday of the

      Presentation One:
      Fran McGrath of Colorbroadband, http://www.colorbroadband.com built the
      recent wireless HotZone in Long Beach

      Colorband Inc. is a international provider of wireless "broadcast
      fiber" communication and other digital services. Colorband has engineered
      the highest capacity microwave backbone network in Southern
      California. This unique network architecture enables Colorband to provide
      scalable franchise business solutions, serving subscribers from multiple
      Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

      Some topics that he will cover:

      I. Color Broadband Inc.
      Overview on Wireless

      II. Wireless in Long Beach http://www.longbeachportals.com
      Wireless Hot Zone project.

      III. The future...

      Presentation Two:
      Bao C. Ha of http://www.hacom.net sells small low cost computers

      OpenBrick is a new kind of low-cost fan-less small computer targeted the
      Open-Source/Free Software community, mainly Linux, FreeBSD and
      OpenBSD. It is popular in Europe and attracted a large follow of
      engineers, hackers, students, researchers, small Open-Source companies,
      and ISPs to implement ideas of appliances in areas of WiFi, broadband
      networks, communications, multimedia, and IP telephony.

      Checkout this example:


      Mitsumi Wavit11

      This unit can be an 802.11b Access Point or a client device. We'll have a
      review and a live demonstration


      Meeting Cost: Free!

      Agenda (times are approximate):

      7:00 Mixing - business/friend contacts
      7:15 Logon> Introductions to the group and key members
      7:20 Announcements
      7:25 News items
      7:30 Presentation by Fran McGrath
      7:55 Q&A on presentation
      8:00 Presentation by Bao C. Ha
      8:25 Q&A on presentation
      8:30 Open discussion - Current events, news, technical questions, newbie
      8:35 Mixing - break off into groups of discussions.
      9:00 Logoff>


      7:00pm to 9:00pm Thursday, January 23rd. 2003


      Pasadena IHOP Restaurant (rear meeting room)
      3521 E. Foothill Blvd.
      Pasadena, CA 91107

      Note: Please come hungry and support our host. Food served during
      meeting. Separate checks.

      This meeting's video will be streamed live see http://www.socalwug.org

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