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Re: [SGVLUG] publicity broadcast (spam ?)

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  • Charlie Blanchard
    Dan, Regarding relationships with . One such that comes to mind immediately is Steve Bass, founder and operator of PIBMUG* - Pasadena IBM Users
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 18, 1999

      Regarding relationships with <media types>. One such that comes to mind
      immediately is Steve Bass, founder and operator of PIBMUG* - Pasadena IBM Users
      Group. In addition to running one of the country's more successful and
      influential user groups, Steve is a columnist for PC World and other
      publications, a radio talk show (KPCC) co-host, and I believe is or was recently
      president of a national association of users groups.

      I have been a member of PIBMUG for some years now, and know Steve to be a very
      high integrity type who literally has gone the extra mile <for me and others>
      on many occasions. Indeed, PIBMUG is the forum where I was first introduced to
      Linux just this past February when he invited Jeff Lansman to present a talk
      about and demonstration of Linux. It was at that meeting that I discovered the
      SGVLUG since Ocie Mitchell was manning the computer while Jeff presented.

      Good grief, I've gone long winded again! Anyway, I believe Steve would be
      interested in the fact that there is a central point of communication for Linux
      in Southern California.


      BTW - Steve requested info for an upcoming article awhile back and as a result
      I introduced him to Frank Keeney of SGVLUG. In addition to assisting Steve with
      his research, Frank will be a presenter on the subject of computer
      security at PIBMUG's October meeting. (Wed, Oct 6th)

      * - PIBMUG: http://www.pibmug.org

      On Sat, 18 Sep 1999, Dan Kegel wrote:
      > I agree, anyone who sends out mail to Linux users in Los Angeles
      > might want to mention the lalugs.org web site. Presumably
      > all the LA LUGs link there (or will soon), though, so it's not
      > the most important thing in the world.
      > Also, by emailing to people who registered with http://counter.li.org,
      > aren't we preaching to the choir? What we need is a billboard
      > on Wilshire Boulevard :-) or more practically speaking,
      > to develop a relationship with the hosts of local computer-oriented radio
      > shows.
      > - Dan
      > Charlie Blanchard wrote:
      > > The wide area "spamming" (-: might be more appropriately done periodically by
      > > lalugs.org on behalf of all area lugs - and can direct to the lalug.org site
      > > for potential members to choose.
      > >
      > > Sounds like a valid function of lalugs.org? The site is informative and
      > > up-to-date with the area Lug contact info...
      > >
      Charlie Blanchard
      direct: 626-447-3092

      Studio Media Services
      951 North Ontario St. Burbank, CA 91505
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