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"Intro to Corba" at LULA, 7PM tomorrow, 19 Feb 2002

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  • Dan Kegel
    LULA (Linux Users of Los Angeles) presents: Intro to CORBA: remote objects with C++/java/python/whatever Speakers: Dan Kegel and Chris Smith When: Tuesday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2002
      LULA (Linux Users of Los Angeles) presents:
      "Intro to CORBA: remote objects with C++/java/python/whatever"

      Speakers: Dan Kegel and Chris Smith
      When: Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 7-9 pm
      Where: Tom Bradley Center, 5213 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
      Cost: Free (but if you're not a LULA member, please rsvp to rsvp@... )

      CORBA, like RPC, DCOM, RMI, and more recently SOAP, is
      glue used to tie together programs that run partly on one
      computer, and partly on another, often in different languages.
      It was introduced as a standard in 1991, and has been
      used by large companies for many years. However, only in the
      last few years have high quality open source implementations
      and good documentation become available.
      Dan and Chris will introduce you to CORBA programming
      with a couple of small demos and a war story or two.

      Slides for the talk, plus resource links, are online at

      About the speakers:

      Dan Kegel writes code for fun, and has been doing it for about 25 years.
      (See his site at http://www.kegel.com.)

      Chris Smith is a professional software engineer; he's comfortable anywhere
      from Linux kernel drivers all the way up to EJB.
      (See his site at http://xman.org/.)



      Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center
      5213 West Pico Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90019
      Telephone: (323) 692-0669


      North side of West Pico Blvd.
      between Cloverdale Avenue and Cochran Ave.
      between major cross streets of Fairfax Avenue and La Brea Ave.

      For a map, see



      >From 10 East or West - Exit north on La Brea, go one mile,
      turn left onto Pico, go west about 1/2 mile and park.

      >From 405 Freeway North or South, go 10 East - see above.

      >From 5/101/170 Freeway North or South, go 10 West - see above.


      Cloverdale Cochran
      | |
      | |
      | |
      | alley |
      | +-----------| |
      | lot | |
      | Center | |
      | | Pico(1/2 mile) |
      | | |
      La Brea
      South ^
      (from 10 Freeway)

      Metered parking on Pico, Cochran, and CloverDale;
      free after 6PM.

      Free parking also available in the rear lot; entered only from Cochran
      via the alley, but it's a bit cramped.


      See LULA's web site, http://www.lula.org
      or LALUGS' web site, http://www.lalugs.org
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