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[Sclug] Special Meeting!

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  • gareth@wiked.org
    ... Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 20:57:31 -0700 From: Orv Beach To: SCLUG Subject: [Sclug] Special Meeting! Reply-To:
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      Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 20:57:31 -0700
      From: Orv Beach <w6bi@...>
      To: SCLUG <sclug@...>
      Subject: [Sclug] Special Meeting!
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      As an end of summer celebration (or belated Linux 10th anniversary
      celebration, or whatever), SCLUG is having an extra meeting/barbecue on
      Saturday, September 15th. Note - members of other LUGs are more than
      welcome to attend! If you're on a different LUG mailing list, feel free
      to pass this along.

      It will be held at the home of Orv Beach in Simi Valley. The address is
      3008 Waukegan Ave.

      Start time is noon, with barbecue running between about 1 and 3.
      Finish time is whenever people get tired of hanging around. If you feel
      like helping set up, show up around 11.

      SCLUG will provide sodas, burgers and dogs (no, there won't be roast
      penguin available..) Please bring chips, or salads, or desserts!
      (Please email me directly with what your bringing; I'll keep a list and
      make sure we don't get 8 gallons of potato salad...)

      There will be tables provided (if someone has folding chairs, we can use
      them), plus LAN drops and power for those bringing computers (we ARE
      geeks after all...) Internet connectivity will be provided.

      Directions to 3008 Waukegan (it's about 2 miles north of the Nortel
      building where SCLUG meets):

      118 Freeway to Tapo Canyon. Exit and head NORTH. The second light is
      Avenida Simi. Turn right (just past the open field).

      Waukegan is the second street on the left, and 3008 is on the corner.
      Note: parking is limited on Waukegan, but plentiful on the side street.
      Enter via the side gate by the garage.

      [If you're going to attend, please RSVP to me so we know how much food
      to buy!]

      Looking forward to see all of you there!


      [note - SCLUG is not responsible for ketchup in keyboards, or mustard in
      mice.... ;-) ]

      SCLUG mailing list

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      Gareth J. Greenaway
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