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Call for Participation: World Wide LUG LDAP Directory Project

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  • John Wenger
    Neil Schneider, President of One of the San Diego LUGs, Kernel-Panic.Org, asked me to invite the members of the LA LUGs to participate in a very interesting
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2001
      Neil Schneider, President of One of the San Diego LUGs,
      Kernel-Panic.Org, asked me to invite the members of the LA LUGs to
      participate in a very interesting new project.

      The Kernel-Panic LUG has decided to build a World Wide LDAP Directory
      of LUG-member information, and invites participation in this open
      source project. The idea is to enable LUG members to locate other LUG
      members anywhere in the world who are willing to be located, thus
      facilitating global cooperation world wide at the individual level.
      Want a LUG email-pen pal in an exotic part of the world? This
      directory can do that and much more.

      Each member decides what information they wish to provide about
      themself, thus ensuring privacy in a granular manner. Contact info,
      and GPG/PGP keys are obvious candidates for inclusion. Privacy
      protection and spam-avoidance need good engineering at the design
      stage to ensure their success.

      This is a brand new project, with the design of the directory schema
      still open, so LUG members are invited to participate in all phases of
      this project. A pilot implementation is at

      Most modern email clients either support LDAP, or are planning to.
      Netscape Messenger supports LDAP, and readily uses the information
      stored in LDAP servers. The nice thing is that the address book info
      for the San Diego LUG is stored in San Diego, and not on your disk
      drive. This means that your address book can scale world wide, when
      your network connection is working.

      To see this in action using the AddressBook in Netscape Communicator,
      open your AddressBook.

      Right click on Personal Address Book
      Choose New Directory
      In Directory Info
      Description KPLUG
      LDAP Server: sparKPLUG.kernel-panic.org
      Server Root: dc=kernel-panic, dc=org
      Press "OK"

      Back in the Address Book, note the word "KPLUG" under "Directories" in
      the left panel.
      Type an asterisk where it says "Show names containing" *
      Hit enter
      You should see a list of members of KPLUG
      Near the bottom of the list, find "Neil Schneider"
      Double click on that, and you'll his ldap entry.

      Note that this is just a pilot to demonstrate some of what could be
      included in an LDAP directory. The first order of business will be to
      decide what information to include. It is not yet clear what schema
      would meet the needs of people all over the world, and in countries
      with emerging infostructure.

      To participate in this project, join the LPSG mailing list at:
      http://www.kernel-panic.org LPSG is the Linux Programming Study
      Group. The mailing list sign up is in the third column, second item.
      Note that there is a pull-down for you to select any one of nine
      different mailing lists each time you press the "Submit" button.
      Select the list to which you wish to subscribe, "LPSG" for this
      project, type in your email address in the box provided, and press

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