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LULA August 21 Tuesday - Snort - A Lightweight Network Intrusion Detection System

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  • Peter Benjamin
    LULA 2001 August Meeting Announcement - Repost freely. NEW DRIVING DIRECTIONS AT THE BOTTOM! Help your LUG out and review and correction the new directions.
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      LULA 2001 August Meeting Announcement - Repost freely.

      Help your LUG out and review and correction the new directions. thx

      Linux Users Of Los Angeles - http://www.lula.org

      Topic: Snort - A Lightweight Network Intrusion Detection System

      Speaker: Drew Beach

      Date and Time: Tuesday, August 21, 2001, 7-9 pm

      Location: Digital Domain, 300 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA
      Entrance for walk or drive in is on 3rd Street.
      Cost: Free to members and general public

      Today's Internet security concerns demands keeping abreast
      of the latest methods to protect your computers and data.
      The average computer on the Internet is attacked many
      times daily. To protect your computers and data from this
      onslaught, it helps to keep up with advances in Internet
      security methods. Traffic sniffing is the primary method
      of detecting cracking attempts before the damage is done
      and alerting staff of attacks as they are initiated, not
      after the fact. Snort is a popular software package for
      all types of computers from gateway firewalls to home

      Overview of Intrusion Detections Systems
      Limitations of Snort and Other Intrusion Detection Systems
      How does Snort Work
      Configuring Snort
      - Preprocessors
      - Rule Matching, Writing Custom Rules
      - Logging options, including Database Systems
      Tuning to Reduce Noise and Increase Performance
      Where to Place Snort Boxes on a Network
      Security Concerns
      Real-time and Offline Analysis Tools
      Configuring Snort for Active Response

      Come hear long time Linux guru Drew Beach talk about
      using Snort to protect office and home networks.

      Drew Beach's Autobiography:

      As a consultant, my work involves developing large
      scale Internet based applications and systems,
      always with security as a design consideration
      instead of an afterthought. The companies I have
      designed applications and systems for include 3Com
      Corporation, Secure Computing Corporation, and NEC
      Systems, Inc, as well as many others.

      My major areas of security focus include building secure
      applications, securing servers, firewall configuration,
      network design and intrusion detection. I am a SANS GIAC
      Certified Incident Handler and Advisory Board member.
      <http://www.sans.org/giactc/GCIH_board.htm> I am active
      in the Linux community, promoting security awareness and
      understanding. Aside from that, I spend most of my free
      time keeping up to date with the rapid changes in security
      and computing.



      Please come and join many of us for informal chatting,
      a buffalo burger and beer at the Firehouse Restaraunt,
      a very short walk from Digital Domain.


      DIRECTIONS (more below)

      _Special_ Map, Driving Directions, Aerial Photo URL:
      Viewing is highly recommended for ease of parking
      and entry and finding the theatre at the facility.

      Digital Domain is a SECURE FACILITY


      Parking either on 3rd Street or in the DD parking lot,
      which is on 3rd Street, to the east of Digital Domain.
      Rose and Hampton Drive are good parking areas, too.

      To walk or drive in push the 'button' on speaker box
      to left of the driveway to have the guard open the
      gate. Go talk to the guard and say "LULA" and

      the guard will direct you to the meeting theatre.

      MORE Theatre Directions Below.



      [Editor Note: These are new and untested directions.
      If you find any mistakes, then please inform us. thx]

      Digital Domain is equal time travel from exits on the 405,
      10 and 90 freeways. If one way is jammed, then go another,
      as the 405 is bad. To go west from the 405 take the first
      one of these two freeways 10 or 90, or if 10/90 freeway is
      bad and take one of these streets: Pico, Olympic, Venice,
      Washington or Jefferson (before the 90). It is also possible
      to come north from LAX on Lincoln or PCH along the beach.

      >From LAX on Lincoln - Go past Venice Blvd and make a left on Rose.

      >From 405 Freeway South, go 90 West - see right below

      >From 90 East - Go to the very end of the freeway and
      make a right on Lincoln going north.
      Go 1 mile and make a left on Rose.
      Go 3/4 a mile, past several stop signs,
      and turn left on 3rd,
      and 100 feet on the right is the Digital Domain gate.

      >From 405 Freeway North, go 10 West - see right below

      >From 10 East - Go almost to the beach to one of two exits
      Lincoln or 4th/5th.
      There are several ways south to Digital Domain.
      It is a toss up which gets you there first.
      The further west is better.

      >>Exit Lincoln Street which is the main south
      bound thorough fare and very busy and slow.
      Go left on Lincoln, south, for 2 miles.
      Turn right on Rose, go 3/4 a mile, past several stop signs,
      and turn left on 3rd,
      and 100 feet on the right is the Digital Domain gate.

      >>Exit 4th/5th Street and one of two streets south to Rose.
      >>>Main has more traffic lights than you have fingers,
      but is through the Venice downtown district filled
      with shopping and food.
      >>>Ocean/Neilsen Way has fewer traffic lights.
      Turn left on Rose, go several 100 feet, right on 3rd
      and 100 feet on the right is the Digital Domain gate.

      If you miss 4th/5th exit, then you have 3 miles to backtrack
      and a very difficult U turn on PCH or make a right and get
      up on the cliff frontage road Ocean/Neilsen Way.)


      >From the Digital Domain Parking lot go south towards the
      gap between the two offset buildings.

      Go between the two building corners and
      turn right before the short stairs.
      Go along the planter til the end of the planter, and turn right.
      You are now facing the the theater which has two entrance doors,
      the left one is best and enters the rear of the audience seating,
      while the right door is the projection room and restroom hallway,
      once inside turn left and enter the main area.

      If you found a vending machine cafeteria near the entrance,
      then you are at the wrong building. Face the other
      buildings across the way and go straight, past the
      guard shack, across the parking lot road, to the
      right of the building between the two buildings.

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