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[Fwd: invitation: Linux 10th anniversary picnic/BBQ, Aug 25]

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  • Dan Kegel
    Anyone up in Sunnyvale next month might want to check this event out. The rest of us -- well, maybe we should hold our own little BBQ down here. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2001
      Anyone up in Sunnyvale next month might want to check this event out.
      The rest of us -- well, maybe we should hold our own little BBQ down
      here. The linux10.org site says it'll happily link to other anniversary
      celebrations. Anyone know of a good park we can use for a barbequeue / picnic on Aug 25th?
      - Dan

      Ian Kluft wrote:
      > This invitation is addressed to Linux User Groups and Open Source related
      > organizations in our region. (Recipient organizations are listed below.)
      > The Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG) and the South Bay/Silicon Valley
      > Community Network (sbay.org) would like to invite you and your group's
      > members to the "Linux10" Linux 10th anniversary picnic and BBQ on August 25,
      > 2001 from 11AM to 6PM at the Sunnyvale Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, California.
      > (Grills will close at 3PM.)
      > We're planning this as a regional event. As the coordinator of a LUG or
      > Open Source organization in the region, you're welcome to participate in
      > the planning to any extent you're comfortable with. We're also asking you
      > to promote Linux10 among your membership and to help coordinate travel from
      > your location if necessary.
      > We're sending these invitations as far as Chico, Reno, Fresno, Bakersfield,
      > San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles. Please feel free to circulate this
      > invitation to other Linux or Open Source organizations in or near your area.
      > Here's what the local organizers have done so far:
      > * We picked the August 25 date based on the date of Linus Torvalds' e-mail
      > of Aug 25, 1991 announcing that his experimental kernel was about to be
      > posted. That was what got other people involved, and when it changed
      > from Linus' personal project to the beginning of a community effort.
      > * We reserved the Eucalyptus Hollow picnic area and Baylands Grove
      > amphitheater at Sunnyvale Baylands Park, for a capacity of 625 people.
      > * We established the event's web site at http://www.linux10.org/
      > * We have recruited some of the volunteers needed to hold the event.
      > * Expenses already incurred have been the park reservation fee and a batch
      > of Linux10 T-shirts which will be sold at SVLUG and other group meetings
      > in the next few weeks for a fund raiser. So far these have been covered
      > out-of-pocket by local organizers.
      > Some of many things we're still doing going forward:
      > * Recruit more volunteers. For most preparations we'll need locals in or
      > near Silicon Valley. Volunteers for the event day can be from anywhere.
      > http://linux10.org/volunteer/
      > * Find donations to cover the expenses.
      > http://linux10.org/donations/
      > * Planning activities at the event.
      > * Planning a shuttle from the light rail/bus stop to the event.
      > * Planning radio communications on the site (first aid, transit shuttle, etc.)
      > * Planning food and supply purchases before the event.
      > Here's what we need you to do:
      > * Announce Linux10 and your organization's participation to your members.
      > The URL is http://www.linux10.org/ Some things to mention...
      > * It's a family event. Bring the kids.
      > * It's a no-media event. Linux/Open Source enthusiasts who work for the
      > media may attend and participate while off-duty.
      > * Consider participating in the planning of Linux10, or delegate it to a
      > member of your group to represent you. Our mail list for planners and
      > volunteers is at
      > http://www.sbay.org/mailman/listinfo/linux10
      > Please introduce yourself and let us know your group will be participating.
      > * Please link to http://www.linux10.org/ from your web site. We'll link to
      > you when we receive your intro. You can specify a URL or we'll get it from
      > http://www.sbay.org/linux-info.html
      > * Please encourage your members to RSVP at
      > http://www.linux10.org/rsvp/
      > * If necessary, coordinate rides for your area on our ride board
      > http://www.linux10.org/ride_board/
      > Please note that carpooling is recommended because there are only 300
      > parking spaces in the adjacent lot. It's a longer walk from other lots.
      > And the rest of the park was booked so those other lots may fill too.
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > Linux10 host organizations:
      > Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG)
      > South Bay/Silicon Valley Community Network (sbay.org)
      > Linux10 group invitations: (more or less in order of proximity)
      > Stanford University Linux User Group (SULUG)
      > Silicon Valley Perl Mongers
      > Silicon Valley Java User Group (SVJUG)
      > Silicon Valley BSD User Group (SVBUG), San Jose
      > Bay Area NetBSD User Group, San Jose
      > OpenBSD Users Group of Silicon Valley (OBUG), San Jose
      > Bay Area Large Installation System Administrators (BayLISA), Sunnyvale
      > Santa Cruz Linux User Group (SlugLUG)
      > Santa Cruz Perl Mongers
      > East Bay Linux User Group (EBLUG), Fremont
      > Bay Area LinuxChix
      > Consortium of All Bay Area Linux (CABAL)
      > Bay Area Linux Events (BALE)
      > Bay Area Linux User Group (BALUG), San Francisco
      > San Francisco Perl Users Group (SFPUG), San Francisco
      > Bay Area Python Interest Group (BayPIGgies)
      > San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
      > City College of San Francisco Gnu/Linux User Group (CCSF GLUG)
      > UC Berkeley Linux User Group (CalLUG), Berkeley
      > LBNL Linux User Group, Berekeley
      > Berkeley Perl Mongers
      > Bay Area FreeBSD User Group (BAFUG), Berkeley
      > North Bay Linux User Group (NBLUG), Sebastopol
      > Sonoma Perl Mongers
      > Linux User Group of Davis (LUGoD)
      > Sacramento Linux User Group (SacLUG)
      > Central Valley Area Linux Enthusiasts (CVALE), Stockton/Modesto
      > Stockton Linux User Group (SLUG)
      > Modesto Perl Mongers
      > Chico State Linux User Group (CSLUG), Chico
      > Cal Poly Linux User Group, San Luis Obispo
      > Fresno Linux User Group
      > Kern County Linux User Group (KLUG), Bakersfield
      > Reno Linux User Group (RLUG)
      > Linux User Groups of Los Angeles
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