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Revolution OS, the film

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  • Erik Hovland
    Possible free screening at JPL, Let Ed Wright know if you are interested (hint: don t email me or Don). E ... Ed Wright, ex-physicist and current Perl hacker,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2001
      Possible free screening at JPL, Let Ed Wright know if you are interested (hint:
      don't email me or Don).


      ----- Forwarded message from Don Gibbs <donald.e.gibbs@...> -----

      Ed Wright, ex-physicist and current Perl hacker, has polled the JPL
      community in order to determine if there is sufficient interest to organize
      the screening of a special interest film. I belive Ed will try to schedule
      it in the near future at the Von Karman auditorium here at JPL, Pasadena.

      Von Karman is readily accessible to the public and I've gotten Ed's consent
      to post this to local linux/unix mail lists. The more the merrier!

      If you are interested, you may reply directly to Ed.

      Ed Wright <ewright@...>


      From: Ed Wright

      I recently made the aquaintence of a filmmaker who created a documentary on
      the Linx/GNU/Open Source movement titled "Revolution O.S."

      The film currently is on the fim festival circuit. A 90 seconds trailer is
      available at:


      The filmmaker offered a screen for the high ubergeeks of JPL (he lives in
      LA). Do a reasonable number of JPLers have an interest in a Linux
      documentary to make a screening worth the effort?

      As always,
      Ed Wright

      "All your base are belong to us."

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      don.gibbs@... | -- only I don't know exactly what they are!"
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      Erik Hovland
      USC Linux User Group Member
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