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[Fwd: [lula] Urgent, help needed in UCLA Finnish Media Art Exhibit!!!]

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  • Dan Kegel
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2000
      "Marko A. Tandefelt" wrote:
      > Dear List,
      > I am Marko Tandefelt, (Finnish) NYC based Concept/Interface
      > designer, Midibass player and Curator of the "F2F: Media Art from Finland
      > Exhibit", opening on Friday in Los Angeles, UCLA Wight gallery. It
      > consists of innovative interactive sensorbased cutting edge artworks from
      > the leading Finnish Media Artists. www.f2fmedia.net,
      > www.needweb.org/f2f (gives you a clearer idea of the scope of the
      > exhibit)...
      > Our problem:
      > One of the art pieces, Laura Beloff's HAME/dress uses a custom Linux PC
      > which is stuck in Linz Austria where she has been an artist in
      > resident (Fedex returned it for some weird mystical reason from Germany
      > before it got to the plane, they did not accept "temporary imports" etc)
      > The piece is beautiful and was shown with great success at Siggraph 2000
      > in New Orleans as part of the Siggraph Art Gallery.
      > In addition to reshipping the box again via DHL express, we are trying to
      > build a Dell based Linux box from scratch. I even called Linus Torvalds
      > to ask for some advice on the matter, his wife was very nice and told that
      > unfortunately Linus is on a plane, arriving to US on Friday, which is
      > too late for the exhibit...
      > I have a CDRom with files and the Ars Electronica custom Linux software,
      > looks like their software uses the Slackware version of Linux. Basically,
      > we have to setup one machine which controls 2 PCs equipped with DPS
      > Perception PVR3500 Pal cards, which both create a stereoscopic 3D
      > projection with custom polarized Sharp NV6 dual projector system (L/R eye,
      > polarized glasses)... To further complicate the issue, Laura's programmer
      > in Austria is yodling (motorbike riding) around the Alps without a mobile
      > phone... (Murphy's Law in action)...
      > The missing Linux box also has the Matrox Meteor Frame Grabber card, which
      > we have to get/buy/borrow somehow in LA within a day (only a miracle or an
      > supernice enlightened zenmaster can help us)!!!
      > If you have any information on either:
      > - Where to get a Matrox Meteor FrameGrabber card/drivers,
      > - BUT: Most important: positive spirited Linux wizard or wizards (!) in LA
      > area who would be willing to help us on this matter in UCLA campus on Thu
      > and possibly Friday Sep 14, please call my wife Juulia, Exec Dir of the
      > Finnish Foundation for the Visual Arts in LA at 1-917-207-2487 in her
      > mobile, do not hesitate to call us anytime!!!.
      > The whole F2F team and Finnish media artists will be eternally grateful.
      > We will invite the zenmaster who can help us with the problem to the
      > gallery opening/party, + take him/her to a dinner!!!!
      > F2F Exhibit will be shown between 16th of Sep - Oct 6th, 2000.
      > Address: UCLA New Wight Gallery, 1100 Dickson Art Center.
      > Sincerely,
      > Marko Tandefelt.
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