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Announcement, Privacy/Security Forum, Free, Sat, July 22, 2000, Ten AM to Four PM, Torrance, CA,

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  • John Wenger
    What: LULA, the Linux User Group of Los Angeles) will be presenting a six-hour free program on Threats to Electronic Privacy, and Technological Countermeasures
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2000
      What: LULA, the Linux User Group of Los Angeles) will be
      presenting a six-hour free program on Threats to Electronic
      Privacy, and Technological Countermeasures to these Threats.

      When: This coming Saturday, 2000-07-22, from ten AM through
      four PM.

      Where: At the eLinux.Com Building at 2555 West 190th Street,
      in Torrance CA 90504-6002. Computer generated driving
      instructions can be found on the meetings section of the
      LULA website http://WWW.LULA.Org/meetings.html.

      Location Coordinates: Conceptually, it is just a little
      East of the I405 (San Diego) Freeway, and is located on
      190th Street. From the North, exit the 405 Southbound onto
      Crenshaw, drive a few blocks South to 190th, turn Left
      (East) onto 190th, and drive to the far-end of the giant
      parking lot on your LEFT (North) side, turn LEFT into the
      driveway, and follow the signs into the biggest lot.

      Why: Broadband Internet access (both DSL and Cable) is
      always on, giving crackers a continual opportunity to probe
      your computers for weaknesses for breakins, if for no reason
      than to attack more high profile sites such as Yahoo, the
      White House, or perhaps the Pentagon. The experience of
      having your home or business computers violated is
      unpleasant. This forum will address those threats and
      suggest countermeasures. Beyond that, it will cover threats
      to [1] threats to privacy, [2] Keeping secrets on the net
      (pgp, ssl, ssh, vpns, secure email, etc.); [3] Creating
      anonymity on the net (anonymous network clients, remailers,
      etc.); [4] Data Havens (protecting data on the net, e.g.
      Freenet, steganographic havens); and [5] Medical records,
      both paper and electronic, and will seek solutions from the
      other technologies covered, and from the audience, to
      protect the privacy of this most-private data.

      Cost: Completely free.

      Room Capacity: about 120.

      Speakers: four top experts from the LA area. All four
      speakers are ***extremely*** knowledgeable, and all are good
      public speakers, and can explain complexity well.

      The Program will include:

      The Threats of Your Medical Records to Your Privacy. Ismet
      Kursunuglo, M.D., will speak upon the current paper-based,
      and emerging electronic-based medical records, and the
      threats to your privacy. The output of this session will be
      a list of the problems posed, and the candidate solutions

      Protecting Your Secrets. Michael Elkins will introduce
      public key encryption, PGP, GPG, and Mutt (the email client
      he wrote), and show the as-yet-undocumented process for
      integrating GPG into Mutt. This talk will provide the
      understanding of public key encryption that will enable the
      listener to understand the other privacy-protecting
      technologies that are encryption-based. Beyond that, it
      will explain the concept of the web-of-trust that can be
      used by people to establish trusted relationships with
      people they have never met, based upon their degree of trust
      of a mutually known intermediary.

      Protecting Your Systems and Network: Linda True in her talk
      on "In(Security) Tools" will discuss the threats to system
      security, and the countermeasures to protect against those
      threats. She will also discuss some of the anonymity
      technologies that lead into the next session.

      Anonymity on the Net: Chris Smith will cover several
      anonymity techniques, particularly the Freedom product from
      Zero Knowledge Systems.

      Data Protection: Chris Smith will cover data havens for
      protecting your data on the net, steganography, etc.

      Following this, the speakers will convene as a panel to make
      general comments, and then answer questions from the

      Please heck the web site later this week for biographic data
      on the speakers, a schedule of speaker time slots, breaks,
      etc., and other emerging information:

      Thanks for reading this.

      John Wenger.

      P.S. If you have questions, please use your "Reply" function
      of your email client so that your msgs come to my direct
      attention, with the subject line above. Please clip your
      replies to remove any material which is irrelevant to your
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